If you think you can,
or if you think you can’t…
you’re right.

Henry Ford


Even if you’re on the
right track, you’ll get
run over if you
just sit there.

~Will Rogers












Welcome! I look forward to having an exploratory conversation with you. I work with people who are already in business and either looking for a way to streamline your business processes, so it’s easier, more effective, and produces more income; and/or you want to balance your personal and professional time more effectively, increasing your satisfaction and fulfillment.

Simply stated, I can help you create more money, and more time—based on what’s important to You.

The majority of my clients increase their revenue by 20%—200%. Some have even tripled their income, while having more quality time with their family and friends, and other personal interests. (See “What Clients Say” section)

My Personal Business Coaching is results-oriented. It’s been my observation and experience, over 20+ years that it takes about 6 months to do 3 things:
1. Shift and/or expand your Perspective of what’s possible.
2. Create Support Structures to support what you want to accomplish, and improve your Process. 3. Learn new ways to work with Other People—so they can also support what you want to have happen.

Before we begin, I’ll ask you: “Where do you want to be a year from now?” (…or 3-5 years, depending on what resonates most for you). When we speak directly, I’ll describe an effective way you can approach this part of our work together. The outcome, becomes our “map”, and we do whatever it takes to get you there.

You have your own answers inside, it’s just about using some new tools, to help you access those answers, so you can see them more clearly. You have strengths in your professional life, and strengths in your personal life—when you see both of those areas with more clarity, you position yourself to take new action to create new results.

We’ll begin with some basic, foundational tools:
A. Two brief exercises that uncover what you’re truly passionate about and why.
B. A look at ways you can increase your productivity in a manner that’s on purpose for you.
C. From there, as I’m listening to you, we’ll move forward with other tools that will be most relevant for you, and your particular situation—because everyone is different. And it’s about what will be most effective for you, and what you want to have happen. You’ll have a safe place of accountability, as we move forward to create the results that are most meaningful for you.

WHO can use these services:
• Entrepreneur
• Commission-Based Professional
• Executive VP
• Members of your Upper Management Team
• Please see the “Partial Client List” on this web site…