Team Building & Facilitation

Please note: Currently, these services are offered to Coaching Clients and their groups exclusively…

1. After listening to what my Coaching Client wants to accomplish with their Team, we’ll determine the most effective approach, e.g. one session, or multiple sessions, scheduled in workable time frames.

2. I interview each member of the Team within a context of their individual experiences in being part of an effective Team—what they’ve noticed works for them, and what may not have worked.

3. Then, based on the input from Item #1, and Item #2, I’ll customize the Team Building session, to optimize the most effective approach for creating results.

Here are two possible approaches, depending on the needs of the group and the intended results.

A. One Session I’ve been trained and certified in using an approach where I facilitate group problem solving within one session. This proven method was developed by ICA (Institute of Cultural Affairs), and it’s called “Focused Conversation”.
It includes these four elements, or O-R-I-D:

1) Objective questions related to data, facts, external reality e.g. "What did you actually see, hear, or read?"

2) Reflective questions that evoke immediate personal reactions, internal responses, sometimes emotions or feelings, hidden images, and associations with the facts e.g. "What was your gut level reaction?" Whenever we encounter an external reality (objective data) we experience an internal response.

3) Interpretive questions that draw out meaning, values, significance, implications-- for example, "What new insight did you get from this?"

4) Decisional questions that bring the conversation to a close, eliciting resolution and enabling the group to make a decision about the future, e.g. "What do you think we should do?"

B. Multiple Sessions Another approach, depending on your needs, is to facilitate Team Building over time, by utilizing concepts from Socrates “Know thyself”, as well as Quality Management/Continuous Improvement Tools, (i.e. research shows that over 85% of problems within an organization are due to the processes in place.)

Session #1 WHO am I? Who are all these other people? And how do we work together more effectively? • Identify each Individual's preferred work behavioral style using the DISC instrument

Session #2 WHY are we in Business? And who is the Customer we serve? • Define/review the Mission Statement for Your Group • Agree on how we meet Customer needs as an Effective Team; using what we learned in #1

Session #3 WHAT do we do around here? And WHEN do we do it? • Introduce and define key Process Improvement Tools

Session #4 HOW do we do it? Ways to create workability, make the job easier--for us, AND the Customer. • Apply the tools from #3 to your actual situations within Your Group • Improve our effectiveness--individually and as a group.

Session #5 Optional…based on needs that may be identified during Sessions #1 through #4