What Clients Say


“Within 6 months, even during this current economy, I have tripled my income, lost 17 pounds, and I have more quality time with my family and friends.”
Joe Bertolino, Commercial Insurance

“After reviewing this last year’s ‘Income Conditioning’, I’ve increased my income by 43% over last year. The clarity from my Mission Statement helps keep my perspective [and] makes it easier. I feel more relaxed, more focused. The primary thing I get from our calls is the ‘re-focus’ .”
Diane Hovey Ph.D, Focused Healing Therapies

“…26% increase in income in less than 6 months....I have a vision of how I want my business to grow...the way I do business is now fun and efficient. I am excited about the future.”
Laura Pajak, Financial Planner

“Throughout the last six months, you have consistently helped me see the “bigger picture” and get more focused...The results have been amazing—next month’s income will triple. I’ve consistently seen income increase while still having “a personal life.”
Cecilia Macdonald, Communications Consultant, Trainer, and Presenter

“We grew 124%...to focus on improving the process, rather than who made the error, has made our team much more effective, and gives our people a positive focus when things don’t go as planned.” –Lawrence McNutt, CFO, Special Order Systems

Team Building...

“… Among the humor are some real breakthroughs with people who work together…the insights gained through your session can help them work more as a team. Your energy and obvious commitment made this a very special opportunity…it was also valuable that you blended the diagnostic tools with other methods for team building.”
David Hosley, President and General Manager KVIE Channel 6

“…The training sessions were not only informative and enlightening, but also a fun way for the group to better understand each other’s talents…. They learned a lot about listening and communicating with others. They enjoyed the DESC, and reflected that ‘it’s simple to avoid conflict’ when you use these tools. The whole ‘Active Listening’ topic made a lot of sense and opened some doors in both professional as well as personal communication. The group was particularly impressed with the Process Improvement Tools and Application. They learned the importance of coming together to solve a problem and that everyone has something to contribute. We have implemented an ‘Issues Bin’ and are working to resolve current issues during our weekly staff meeting. This tool alone empowers all of our staff to contribute to the continued improvement of CDG… Since our meetings, I have received several notes from employees thanking me for the opportunity to participate in this experience…”
Carol Parra-Little, CEO Corporate Design Group, Inc.

Keynote Presentations...

“Your visit as our featured speaker was one of the most gratifying we have had for some time. Yours was not only informative and entertaining, but I’m sure everyone took away something that benefited them personally in their business lives...We appreciate your openness and forthright way.” –Bob Curran, International Association for Financial Planning

“Taking Your Business to the Next Level” received excellent ratings! Most of the members believed they would be able to implement much of what you presented immediately into their business.” –Phyllis Klein, Stockton Women’s Network

“...a great bridge between a ‘motivational speaker’ and a ‘business speaker’, engaging stories with practical tools and an eye for the bottom line.”
–Sharon Hamilton, Sacramento Speakers Bureau International

“Marlys was superb! Fun, interactive, and knows her stuff. Great, simple, and easy to use suggestions. She refocused and charged us up!” –Bernice Zaborski, Sutter Health

“Your presentation was extremely informative and helped make the conference a success.”
–Fran Boland, State of California Health Planning & Development

“In ‘Secrets of Productivity and Passion’ we learned about our different work styles and how to work as a team. Marlys kept us all engaged and laughing… she is a very energetic and upbeat person who had lots of activities for us to do… We finished the day understanding ourselves and others better and with lots of positive feelings about the value of ourselves and others.”
–Julie Brootkowski & Joan Sutherland, Retreat Planning Committee, Sacramento City College

“Your presentation was inspiring!... it was refreshing…and reassuring.”
–Debbie McGinnis, McGinnis Marketing--participant @ Golden Gate University— Women’s Leadership Symposium: Entrepreneurship

Participants from the Woman's Workshop—

"One of my goals from the workshop was to improve Business. Another one was to improve the relationship with the man I've been seeing. That's going well...we're getting married next week."–Leslie Judd, Computer Consultant

"Today I have gotten a new resolve, a new sense of ability and purpose. I have gotten permission and tools to create a life I can love. I can be a human being again...not just a human doing or a human existing."–Patti Edson, Landscape Designer

"I feel more secure in myself and more directed. I know I can make things happen. I can change how I look at things and make a difference. The idea of change isn't so hard, so scary now. Self-confidence is empowering, enabling me to know I can and will decide to make a change, to make the commitment to the action plan and make it happen." –Carolyn Taylor, Former Chamber of Commerce Staff--Now an Event Director